Why this website?

My name is Per Strandberg. I have a Masters Degree in Applied Physics and Electronics from the Linköping University of Technology LiTH, Sweden.

Because of my background I feel the current debate on global warming and climate prediction fascinating.

I therefore started to look at and explore the current available information and data on this subject. I did this to learn more after getting tired from all the one sided media bombardment on climate change news.

What I discovered was thoroughly shocking!!
The data clearly shows that the Sun is driving changes in the Earth's climate and that there is no evidence that changes in the amount of greenhouse gases is changing our current climate. You don't even have to dig deep to find that! You just have to scratch the surface. Of course if you do that you are now called a global warming heretic.
Further what I found was that severe scientific corruption are now driving climatologists to make more and more apocalyptic predictions in order to get more and more public funds and media attention. This field is now rapidly growing with more researchers joining in on this lucrative money opportunity.

This is an emotional charged subject for many and have been both politicized and polarized. Many people have a strong belief system in the global warming issue one way or another and have made up their minds over the cause and effect.

But, in reality very few people seem to be looking at the actual data and make up their own mind. Instead they rely on others and on the media. One reason for this is that on the Internet there are actually no website which have collected graphs and information for both the greenhouse gas and cosmic radiation induced cloud cover theory. In fact, to find relevant information you have to look through many different sites and spend a lot of time.

That is this site's purpose to collect and disseminate this information in one place. You can't find this information in one place elsewhere. I plan to make it a repository and information source on global warming which shows the real data.

Note: Non of graphs are taken from any greenhouse global warming skeptic site, except those graph taken from established scientists working with the Sun, cosmic radiation and of its climate connection. The other graphs are all taken from IPCC, NASA and from Wikipedia.

There are huge discrepancies between scientists "climatologists" working on the greenhouse gas temperature increase theory and those that study the Sun cosmic radiation and cloud cover theory.

The former are led by a group of very driven climatologists determine to prove a specific scientific thesis. They are on a quest and have turned out to be very effective and successful lobbyists.

They have all the attention of the media.
In contrast the scientists researching the Sun's effect on the climate, aren't lobbyists. They are scientists in the real sense doing what scientist's do. Doing research and submitting scientific articles to peer review publications.
So I feel they need some help.

This site is not political, nor does it address the Kyoto protocol or other sensitive issues related to global warming. It's scientific in nature.

Nor is it anti environmental. I personally don't like people driving around in SUVs and pollute, if there is no need for it. However it's not good when nearly all environmental effort is put on this problem that is largely made up. There are plenty of other and more urgent environmental problems to worry about and act upon.

Another problem of concern is the growing amount of bad science which has come about as a result of the global warming scare.

Not only are the major news media soaking it up, but this now also happens to peer review publications. The natural science have been subjected to a growing desire for science sensationalism adopting news grabbing headlines techniques.