Should The Great Global Warming Swindle be censured?

The global warming swindle is now sold on DVD.

A documentary dealing with natural science is not normally a hot seller on DVD.
Yet, apparently The Global Warming Gestapo Thought Police have swung into action and are now trying to stop the film from reaching the public on DVD as they regard this as a very dangerous threat.


Of course this just only gives more credibility to the documentary arguments as it exposes the mentality and mindset of leading climatologists as they try to impose totalitarian scientific censorship.

The Great Global Warming Swindle which was aired in March 2007 on British Channel4 created a strong reaction from climatologists and they accused the program to be full of errors. That would be expected given the low level rhetoric of this infected "sandbox war" type of debate.

So what did they do?

They released this document called Misrepresentation of science evidence.

In it they list a number of claims that they claim the program claims which they regard as such serious and fundamental errors as it not in the public interest that this program should be distributed or aired.


Some of these errors, which I agree on, are that the temperature reconstruction from the last century was slightly altered. Although the main features were correct.
Also the claim that CO2 is an insignificant greenhouse gas is wrong and that manmade contribution of CO2 is small is also false.
The claim that the temperature in the lower troposphere is cooling is in dispute.

However after reviewing the claims of the huge misinterpretation in the films, I cannot stop to be amazed by the claim of this letter.
It seems to me that most of the signatories seemed not to have watched the documentary at all. Instead they seem to have signed the letter on hearsay.

Among some of the claims there are claims the writers claim that were claimed in TV program which were in fact not claimed in the program at all.

One of the more surprising objection in the letter was that as one of the major claimed misrepresentation of it was that the temperature was higher during the medieval warm period than it is now. To claim that the climate was warmer when historical records show that wine were produced in Northern England and Scandinavian lived on agriculture on Greenland is apparently a major misrepresentation and should not be discussed. Yet they say that they are open to free debate and against censorship in this letter they sent to OFCOM.


So which films are most misleading?
Al Gore’s movie in which the only data he uses as scientific proof to show the conclusion that the release of manmade greenhouse gases will soon lead to a climate catastrophe are all false. Not only that, they are misleading and deceptive and manipulate the public.
The Great Global Warming Swindle. In which some of the scientific data were not completely accurate. A part of these errors were later corrected by the producer of this documentary.
This program is unique as it discusses other important aspect about global warming and the man-made greenhouse theory and its relation with the scientists that promote it. The climatologists are not able to attack these aspects as they are unable to do that, because these claims are true.


It's these revealing facts and not the scientific information the signatures of the letters really want to censure and stop from reaching the public. Because if this information would be able to spread among the public it would be a threat to their huge public funding.



By the way, of the signatories about half of them were biologists and the other half climatologists, meteorologists or hydrologists..

The claims in the TV film which they intend to stop are listed here:
  • Not all scientist that participate as authors of the IPCC agree on anthropogenic cause for the resent climate change.
  •  IPCC is a political UN organization.
  • There are many non scientists among the claimed scientists in the IPCC list.
  • The huge sums of money have distorted and corrupted this field of science.
  • Global warming has become a huge industry employing large number of scientist and public servants as well as business people. Nearly 6000 delegates and journalists participated in a recent conference in Nairobi. I recently read that about 50 000 scientists will participate in the International Polar Year 2007-2008, many of them climatologists.
  • Apart from small changes in the irradiance change of the Sun, the Sun as a factor in climatology has disappeared as an important factor from the climate research.
  • The close correlation between the Sun's magnetic activity and climate are being ignored.
  • There exists today extreme hostility against anyone who claims that there are other causes for the current global warming than human caused greenhouse gases, killing any scientific open debate.
  • Anthropogenic global warming has almost become a religion so that now most climatologists are on a quest to prove one specific theory rather than doing honest and good research looking for the truth.
  • To deliver extreme catastrophic prediction is good for funding, promotion and status in this field.
  • To be critical about anthropogenic catastrophic warming is bad for funding, promotion and status.
  • Extreme climate predictions make it easier to get scientific paper published in peer review journals.
  • Environment journalists from the main news media crave for catastrophic climate predictions as they make good headlines and news.
  • The show shows that not all climatologists are as united as they claimed to be.
  • There is no historical proof in recent history that CO2 have changed the climate.
  • This manmade global warming theory got promoted in the mid 1980 by Margaret Thatcher who have a B.Sc degree in chemistry and by ”influential decision making think tank groups”. The field of climatology started to receive massive funding during that time.
  • The funding shut up by more than 10 times, during that time.
  • To mention global warming in other fields of natural science is good for funding.
  • Climate models are unreliable especially while they are only based on the theory of heat trapping greenhouse gases or cool trapping aerosols while disregard effects from the Sun. They are further subjected to uncertainties from complicated effects and causes of cloud formation and changes of sea currents.
  • Warmer weather means less temperature differences between the tropics and the poles which results in fewer storms not more storm as the climatologists’ claim.
  • Untrue claims for the spread of tropical diseases is made by the IPCC.
  • Critics of the global warming greenhouse theory are now compared to holocaust deniers.
The above are claims from the program that are all true.

I found out about a TV documentary that was dedicated to Henrik Svensmark’s research on Danish TV. I viewed it over the Internet, in danish.

In it Svensmark described his research into cosmic radiation, cloud formation and our climate. He also talked about what happen when he presented his research at a conference in England about 10 years ago. It created a very strong and emotional reaction among climatologists. The head of the IPCC even told him personally that the research he was making was irresponsible.
I mean...this tells you something about the science climate of climatology which has thoroughly run amok.

The Great Global Warming Swindle and The Climate Of Fear are not the only documentaries of this sort exposing the global warming hysteria.

A more critical program about the man made global warming theory was aired in Canada, Global Warming Doomsday Called Off.

Global Warming: Doomsday Called Off by VladimirLenin

In 1990 another program was aired about the man made global warming theory, Green House Conspiracy.

This program is very interesting as half into the program it exposes the tendency by climatologist to make extreme climate prediction in order to get more funding.

Global Warming Climate Catastrophe - Cancelled

And PLEASE spread this important information.

Realize this is a war! The environmentalists and some climatologists have declared war on:

  1. "Climate Deniers". These are those people which believe in natural climate change and don't think that there is any risk of dangerous global warming caused by human activities.
  2. CO2. This gas which is a fertilizer and vital gas for plants has been blamed for dangerous global warming and blamed for all sorts of negative and dangerous effects.
  3. The Sun. Yes, these people have declared war on the Sun, our nearest star and heat source. They claim that the climate forcing from the Sun on the Earth  during the last half century has been negligible and thus inconsequential for the Earth's climate. Of course they have never search for possible causes and correlation which links the Sun variations to the recent temperature changes.
A key claim made by the IPCC in their 2007 Summary for policymakers  report, was this
"Most of the observed increase in globally averaged temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations" This statement by the IPCC was based on the belief that the only solar impact comes from TSI "The amount of heat energy which is beamed toward the Earth". This assumptions is false, as my result shows.

This is a war between agenda driven subjective scaremongering funded science and objective evidence based science.

This is a war between those who wishes to create poverty and misery in the name of saving the planet and those who wishes to improve human condition using the best and most cost efficient available technology so that more people can live healthy and with fulfilling lives.