Take The Right Climate Change Action And Prepare For Global Cooling!

According to NOAA's National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C, 2007 was one of the warmest year ever in the US and in the world. This was measured by ground based weather stations.

At the same time, according to satellite measurement after 2005 a negative temperature trend have emerged at the Earth's lower troposphere. The lower troposphere is in ordinary language the same as the air near the surface.

Lower trophosphere temperature MSU

Temperature variations in the lower troposphere according RSS Satellite

As you can see the temperature peaked during the 1998 El Niño event. We can also see a temperature a temperature spike from the 2010 El Niño event. Even if this event is removed from the graph the temperature have not increased since 2002 and in 2005 the temperature started to decline. Since 2005 the overall temperature trend has been negative. Right now a La Niña event driving is emerging in the Pacific and global mean temperature is expected to make a sharp drop over the coming year.

A diverging and growing trend between ground and satellite measurements of the Earth's temperature is emerging!

Why is that?

For one thing, it is difficult to define and agree upon what the average Earth temperature is. How to measure it? How to do this in a correct manner?

Anthony Watts a former TV weatherman in the US looked at some weather stations and discovered that many were placed at inappropriate locations. He therefore contacted colleges that could do the same at the place where they lived and started the website www.surfacestations.org , They have now created a volunteer group which investigates the locations and status of NOAA's temperature weather station in the US.

Here is an interview with Anthony Watts

The locations of the weather stations are accessible in a database on the Internet. They have alleged that when it was known by NOAA that they were auditing and classifying the weather stations, then the database was put off line.

After protesting they got it back. Also, they got anything but cooperation from NOAA while trying to do their research.

Here next are results from their survey when 38% of the weather stations have been investigated. As you can see only 4% of the stations meet the full standard for temperature recordings. Most stations suffered or might be suffering from artificial heating.


The ratio of acceptable weather stations should increase somewhat when the survey continue while probably more of the remaining stations are in rural areas and are not affected by The Urban Heat Island Effect. But, still.

This has to be said, NOAA and other compiled estimations of the average temperature for the Earth or temperature for the US, do compensate for The Urban Heat Island Effect. Or so they say!

The problem is that with only a little bias or error in the temperature that this collectively can give the wrong value. In this case we are talking about only 0.1 or 0.2 degrees difference in centigrade.



Signs that we are in a cooling climate trend during this prolonged solar minima are now starting to be felt all around the world, both in the southern and in the northern hemisphere. Resent winters have seen an unusually large number of blizzards and colds sweeping across US, Canada, China and Europe. Ski resorts in Europe and North America have had its best seasons in decades.

Yet, the global warming hysteria continue as nothing has happened!

However, right now, more and more sensible people despite having being brain-washed with global warming propaganda for almost two decades start to ask themselves, "Why is it that I've feel we get more cooler weather and blizzards, yet in the news they still say the climate is getting warmer? Something must be fundamentally wrong!

What has happened to global warming?
It was supposed to Get Warmer....Not Colder!

Sea temperature anomalies

Sea temperature anomalies

Ocean Water Temperature anomalies on the 20th of December 2012

Here we can see if the sea water is warmer or colder than normal. If it's warmer than normal then yellow and red color should dominate, if it's colder blue and dark black blue color should dominate.

You can see dark blue in the Northern Pacific and around most of Antarctica. Throughout the Tropical Pacific you can see a line of blue color. Most of the rest of the world's Oceans has near normal temperatures. Characteristic of current Oceans temperatures are that the worldwide oceans temperatures are devoid of any hotspots. The only place is just north of Norway. The Pacific has gone from La Niña condition during the last year and has been most of the year near neutral or in a weak El Niño position. According to my calculations based on an Artificial Neural Network which use tidal forcing as ENSO driver La Niña condition is going to dominate during 2013. The PDO Pacific Decal Oscillation is negative according to NASA and will suppress the global temperature for the next 20-30 years. Of course they try to deny that the Sun's lower activity is going to do worse.

Puzzling results from ocean robots. No warming in the ocean can be seen, where have the heat gone from global warming? It's missing...!!!

Global warming scientists are puzzled! 90% of the added heat from human caused global warming should go in to the oceans. But where is it?

What is driving changes in the climate?

The most important and the overwhelming factor for climate change in the past, currently and in the future is variation in the Sun.

Now, of course if you are a global warming promoting climatologists you regard such views as belonging to the same camp is the that of the flat earth'ers.

That is a remark that in fact has important relevance to this debate in more ways than one.

If we go back to the time of Ptolemy. People during those times were mystified by the wandering stars, "the planets" and how they moved over the sky using irregular movements.

Ptolemy came up with a solution to describe how the planets moved over the night sky. He did this by defining several circular motion to each planet and then superimpose or add those movements on top of each other.

Looking back at data from a few hundred years, solar physicists have been able to follow variation in the sunspot numbers and the variations of solar activity by measuring variation in C14 production and correlate this to variation in Earth's climate.

By looking at variations in sunspot number and doing a frequency analysis of its variations in a similar way that Ptolemy did on the planetary motions over the sky, a frequency pattern appears with distinct solar cycles.

List over solar cycles and its amplitudes.

Here's a list from a frequency analysis of variation in the sunspot numbers with the 6 most important solar cycles that this analysis generated.

Recorded and predicted solar cycles and its sunspot number between 1700 and 2150, where predictions of future solar cycles were constructed by adding together the 6 most important solar cycles from the previous picture

Here we can see that the next 2 solar cycles we are now entering should be the weakest in over 200 years. A similar low activity was seen around the year 1800. This was a cold period during the Little Ice Age called the Dalton Minimum. This coincided with the French Revolution and the Napoleon Wars.

In the same way that Ptolemy's planetary motions don't explain the reason behind the planetary motions, the frequency analysis of the sunspot number variations doesn't explains the reason behind the variation for the Sun's varying activity.

Yet, in fact the reason behind this is NOW Known.
Although it is not recognized by the scientific community at large, among people in general and of course not by any climatologists. It will be recognized in the not to distant future.

The cause is the same as for planetary motions. Newton's law of gravity.

The Sun is not positioned exactly at the center of the solar system, but move about in irregular circular movement pulled by the gravitational forces from the 4 gas giant planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Most of the time the Sun eruptional activity is high and we see many sunspots and solar eruptions during the course of an 11 year solar cycle. When the Sun is in this mode, its motion around the gravitational center of the solar system is more regular and the Sun move in wide circles. But sometimes at regular intervals the Sun movements become more irregular and makes small loops at the gravitational center when the combined planetary pull from the big planets balances out each other. This is when Earth experiences cold spells and the temperature drops.


Solar movements around the center of the Solar System at different times.

At the top row are paths of the Sun's movements when the solar activity have been high. The circular paths are more or less regular and the combined gravitational pull from the big planets have been strong during all time.

The two lowest rows are from solar paths when the solar activity has been low and it also includes the current solar minima we are now entering. These times of low solar activity have received different names, Wolf, Spörer, Maunder and the Dalton minima are the latest. Of which the Maunder minima is the best well known name as it is the name of the coldest part during the Little Ice Age. We see from the pictures that during cold spells the Sun circles around with more irregular movements at the center of the Solar System at which time the combined gravitational pull from the big planets eases as they take out each others.

How does this effect the solar activity?

It turns out that this creates variations in the Sun's spin. This is caused by large changes in the rotational forces caused by pulls from the large planets.

When the Sun enters its irregular movement then differential twisting torque forces act on the plasma deep down in the Sun interior which causes the rotation of the plasma at deep depths to be misalign with each other. This block the magnetic field lines from reaching up to the surface and this in turn reduces solar activity. When the solar movement is more regular the rotations deep down once again align itself which lets the magnetic field lines to reach the Sun's surface and the solar activity increases.

We now know more about how large the rotation varies at different levels and latitude inside the Sun. This is because of the new science field of Helioseismology.

Solar rotation at different depths and latitudes

This picture show the differences in rotation at different depths and latitudes inside the Sun.

The x-axis shows the distance relative to the surface. The y-axis shows the rotation in nHz. The red lines are the rotations for several different latitudes. At about 0.7 distance from the surface all the lines converge. This zone is called the  Tacholine. The rotation of the plasma under this zone is where the fusion take place and the plasma under the Tacholine rotates more or less as a solid body.

Amazingly scientists have been able to estimate the rotation at different depths at different latitude by measuring sound waves on the Sun by using optical Doppler measurements. The Sun is a very violent place and sunspots at the far site of the Sun send out sound waves which penetrate the deep interior and emerge at the Sun's surface on the observable side from the Earth. This is similar to how ultrasound images is produced of the body.

The next solar minimum which is called NEXT? in the picture above is the solar minimum we are now entering. This is now called the GORE MINIMUM by popular votes on blogs and in discussion forums dedicated to solar activity.

However, scientific names for things such as solar minimas normally gets its name from some person who have contributed to better scientific understanding, something which in this case is highly questionable. So now this coming period will probably be called The Landscheidt Minimum.

Note that the time span is from 1985 to 2040 for this modern minima. This is because the interruption in the plasma flow happens many years before the result is seen here on the Earth. To begin with the Sun is a large plasma ball and it takes time before changes in the flow results in changes in the solar activity. Then there is an additional time lag between the changes in the solar activity and until this affect the temperatures on Earth.

In fact the cooling we are now starting to see the effects from originated in the year 1990 from a slowdown in the solar motion which resulted in a disruption in the plasma flow the same year.



Here are a series of YouTube videos from a lecture describing current solar cycle prediction and the coming global cooling.

Part 1

Part 2


Part 3


Part 4

Read Arcihbald's lecture on PDF of the coming climate change HERE

Global Cooling
Now Imminent,
Will Be Severe,
Is Unstoppable
We Better Prepare For It!

The Earth's Climate Will Continue To Cool
During The Next 25 Years, At Least!

Unfortunately preparing for global cooling and its consequences is something that the world is not doing, instead because of the current delusional state of climatology science which has been distorted  by an eco-fundamentalistic and political agenda the world is now preparing for global warming and is fighting the perceived menace from increasing levels of greenhouse gases.


The Earth is now entering a phase with unstoppable and dramatic global cooling which will initiate a new Little Ice Age within the next decade. The cause of this cooling is the predicted and now real reduction in solar activity that we now can see. These conditions will persist during the next solar cycles.

The reason for the lower solar activity is a temporary reduction of the tidal gravitational tug on the Sun's plasma caused by the alternating gravitational effect on the Sun from the 4 gas planets of the solar system. This causes a reduction in the normal buildup of frictional energy in the Sun's plasma that is necessary for the Sun's magnetic and eruptional activity. Similar events have been well documented and they are always strongly correlated to periods of between 30 to 60 years of sharply lower Earth temperatures. The last times these types of climate events occurred were during The Maunder Minimum and The Dalton Minimum.

This will have a devastating effect on agriculture, lowering food production and increase the risk of widespread famine. This will also increase the demand for fuel.

The world is misinformed and ill-prepared for this now imminent and real climate change. This lack of information has been made worse because of the perceived temperature increase which has been expected due to current global warming alarm.

-Nations should stop bio-fuel production from food crop.

-Emergency food supplies should be built up in order to help ease future food crises as a result of reduction in worldwide food production from global cooling.

-Plans should be set up to meet increasing energy demand of heating and transportation in a cooler world.

-News media should report on the Sun's waning activity.

-News media should inform the public that the current reduction in solar activity is leading to an unstoppable and world wide cooling event.

It's urgent that this information get spread!