The Effect Of Clouds On The Climate!

I have for a long time been looking for a presentation which also contains real scientific data from any climatology scientist that are advocating the established global warming catastrophic scenario.

I have found that most information are based on spin and on claims which lack real scientific substance.
It have now become a belief system You belief in it, you can't question the theory and you must accept it as fact.

I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I for once found a lecture held by an anthropogenic devoted climatologist which showed real scientific data. This lecture was held by Joel Norris Ph.D. and was called "Changing Clouds in a Changing Climate". This is about one hour long.

This lecture deals with one of the most important aspect that is needed in order to understand to which degree changes in greenhouse gases affects to climate.


Three things struck me after looking at this lecture!

1. Satellite measurements were generally dismissed in the lecture in favor of ground based measurements. The reason he gave was drifts in the satellite's instruments. This was especially the case when the results, as I saw it, were caused from solar impact on the clouds.

2. The Sun was never mentioned in the lecture. This is extraordinary as the Sun has historically have had the largest impact on the climate and it might currently also affect the clouds. The Sun is currently a taboo subject among climatologists.

3.The overall impression from the lecture is that there are very much in the climate system that they know very little about. Specifically the climatologists know very little about the real numerical values of the feedbacks on the Earth's clouds that the anthropogenic gases create. They don't know the size or even the sign of the temperature feedbacks that the clouds create. Given that the funding for this science field is believed to have been until today about 50 billion US dollars this is amazing that they have been unable to figure this out.


Another scientists who have looked at the clouds impact on the climate is Henrik Svensmark.

This is a must see video!

His theory is that variations in the solar wind modulates how much high energy cosmic rays there are, hitting the Earth. These high energy rays, if they are able to penetrate deep into the atmosphere create ions which makes it easier for clouds to form. Clouds needs condensations of nuclei in order to form. However my own research with Artificial Neural Network doesn't give support for a large impact from galactic cosmic rays.



Henrik Svensmark in the cloud mystery describing his theory
now confirmed in the CLOUD experiment at CERN.