Al Gore's Documentary On Global Warming!

I had the opportunity to view the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” by the now Oscar winner Al Gore recently as it was aired on Norwegian TV in an effort to educate the population on Global Warming.

After watching the movie on TV I realized that this clip above was from the only part of the film that showed any scientific data.
It turns out these data are false or miss-interpreted by Mr. Gore.

First he uses the Hockey Stick graph to show that the last century temperature increase is unprecedented. This is false as the graph in scientific terminology ”is severely deformed due to the use of CO2 sensitive biological proxies”.

Secondly he uses ice core data from Antarctica to show that the temperature is very sensitive the CO2 variations. It shows nothing of the sort, instead it shows that the CO2 level is very temperature sensitive. In order words, the notion that the ice core can be use as a proof that the temperature is sensitive to greenhouse gases is false, as it doesn’t show that. Therefore his statement he makes pointing to the ice core ”when it is more carbon dioxide the temperature gets warmer” is wrong.

Of course this doesn’t proof that temperature won't respond to changes of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. The correlation between temperature and CO2 that is shown in the ice core has nothing to do with the greenhouse effect, nothing at all.

So, the proofs he uses that the recent temperature increase is unprecedented and that temperature is strongly CO2 sensitive are both wrong.

What’s wrong with this picture?
I’m finding this not only strange I find this AMAZING. I’m speechless.


Al Gore and the new Orwellian world. 1984
Here we have an Oscar Winner of a scientific subject showing that by all likelihood the temperature in the near future will reach catastrophic levels and he base this all on faulty proofs.

Note; these proofs are very logical and convincing for most people, politicians and to scientists in general. But they are misleading. No wonder scientist, politician and other decision makers jump in on the global warming hysteria.
Of course there are other environmental treats shown in the film, such as population explosion in the third world, the destruction of the rain forests, over consumption in the rich world and the gap between rich and poor which are highlighted in the film. But these are separate from whether human created greenhouse gases will cause a drastic temperature increase or not.