The causes of global warming and climate change!

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Global Cooling

Now Imminent,
Is Unstoppable,
Will Be Severe

The World Must
Prepare For It!

The Earth's Climate Will Continue To Cool
During The Next 25 Years And Result In
The Return Of The Little Ice Age!


The Earth is now entering a phase with unstoppable and substantial global cooling which is going initiate a new Little Ice Age within the two next decades. The cause of this cooling is the predicted and now real reduction in solar activity that now can be observed. These conditions is going to persist during the next solar cycles.

The reason for the lower solar activity is a temporary reduction of the tidal gravitational tug on the Sun's plasma caused by the alternating gravitational effect on the Sun from the 4 gas planets of the solar system. This causes a reduction in the normal buildup of frictional energy in the Sun's plasma that is necessary for the Sun's magnetic and eruptional activity. Similar events have been well documented and they are always strongly correlated to periods of between 30 to 60 years of sharply lower Earth temperatures. The last times these types of climatic events occurred were during The Maunder Minimum and The Dalton Minimum.

This could have a devastating effect on agriculture, lowering food production and increase the risk of famine. This is also going to increase the demand for fuel.

The world is misinformed and ill-prepared for this now imminent and real climate change. This lack of information has been made worse because of the perceived temperature increase which has been expected due to current global warming alarm.

-Nations should stop bio-fuel production from food crop.

-Emergency food supplies should be built up in order to help ease future food crises as a result of reduction in worldwide food production from global cooling.

-Plans should be set up to meet increasing energy demand of heating and transportation in a cooler world.

-News media should report on the Sun's waning activity.

-News media should inform the public that the current reduction in solar activity is leading to an unstoppable and world wide cooling event.

It's urgent that this information get spread!



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