The causes of global warming and climate change!

There are two competing causes for the recent global warming trends.

  • The first possible cause is based on a theory which followed the warming trend that occurred between 1975 and 1998.
  • The second cause is based on highly correlated data going back thousands of years.

Most agree that the global temperature has increased about 0.6 - 0.7 Centigrade over the last century and that the level of CO2 or Carbon Dioxide a greenhouse gas has been increased in the atmosphere by 25-30% from pre industrial values.

  • The first theory, which is the generally accepted one, is that the release of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuel and from land use is responsible for the resent temperature increase.
  • The second theory is that variations in the Sun's magnetic field and the solar wind modulate the amount energy that the earth receives. This is caused by variations cloud cover and how much water vapor there is in the atmosphere which regulates the climate.
Let's look at some data!
Carbon 14 atmosphere variations and climate events!

Fig 1. Changes in C14 concentration during the last 1000 years.

C14 or Carbon 14 which is created from cosmic radiation is the isotope which is best known as the isotope that archeologists use for dating biological archeological artifacts. The change in the C14 concentration in the atmosphere is dominated by variations in solar activity. When the solar activity is high the production of C14 is low, this is due to the shielding effect of the solar wind against cosmic rays.

Note here that the axis for the C14 concentration has been reversed. What we then can see is that the curve closely correlates to what is historical known about the major climate events from the last 1000 years.

The Maunder minimum refers to the period 1645-1715 when very few sunspots were observed on the sun. In this period the concent ration of C14 was higher in agreement with a low solar activity.

The sharp drop for C14 during the 20th century is caused by the Suess effect. This effect is due from the burning of fossil fuels which lack C14. Complicating the picture, Carbon14 was also produced by nuclear bomb tests during the c The sharp drop for C14 during the 20th century is caused by the Suess effect. This effect is due from the burning of fossil fuels which lack C14. Complicating the picture, Carbon14 was also produced by nuclear bomb tests during the cold war.

Fig 2.Solar proxies Beryllium-10 and Sunspot numbers

Solar proxies credit Global Warming Art

Because of the Suess effect, the ratio of Carbon-14 in relation to other Carbon isotopes becomes contaminated with the Carbon released from burning of fossil fuels after 1900. The C14 variation in the atmosphere as a correct indicator of cosmic radiation is less reliable after the start of industrialization.

However Beryllium-10, another isotope doesn't suffer from this effect and is therefore a better indicator of the variations of cosmic radiation for the 20th century. Here again the graph is reversed and you can also see its correlation to the sunspot numbers. From the graph it becomes clear that the amount of Be-10 have been steadily decreasing during the last hundred years indicating a decrease of the cosmic radiation and a more active Sun. The Berrylium-10 is easily dissolved in water and this record is from Greenland ice cores. The half life time of Be10 is about 1.5 million y However Beryllium-10, another isotope doesn't suffer from this effect and is therefore a better indicator of the variations of cosmic radiation for the 20th century. Here again the graph is reversed and you can also see its correlation to the sunspot numbers. From the graph it becomes clear that the amount of Be-10 have been steadily decreasing during the last hundred years indicating a decrease of the cosmic radiation and a more active Sun. The Berrylium-10 is easily dissolved in water and this record is from Greenland ice cores. The half life time of Be10 is about 1.5 million years.

Estimated global temperature variations IPCC 1995

Fig 3. Climate history according to IPCC 1995

From these graphs it becomes obvious that variations in the Sun’s solar wind and magnetic activity are a major contributor to variations in the Earth's climate.

Although we have recordings of the variations in the climate from both historical as well as from geological records we don't have exact measurements of the average temperature with any precision. What we have are rough estimates.

This was the reason that a team led by geophysicist Michael Mann made attempts to recreate a more accurate temperature recording of the earth's climate.

1000 years of Northern hemispere variations Michael Mann!

Fig 4. Mann's graph is an estimate from the latest 1000 years temperature variations. Adopted by IPCC 2001

Fig 4. This graph is taken from the UNEP/GRID-Arendal site

This graph is the so called Hockey Stick graph that Michael Mann created. This graph implies that the temperature variations were relative stable during the period between year 1000 and the year 1900. After that time it has increased considerably.

This graph was attacked by global warming skeptics who questioned why they could not find the Medieval Warm period and the Little Ice Age. The reason is that the graph is flawed. The graph corresponds much better to the variation of CO2 than to temperature changes. Learn more on the hockey stick anom This graph was attacked by global warming skeptics who questioned why they could not find the Medieval Warm period and the Little Ice Age. The reason is that the graph is flawed. The graph corresponds much better to the variation of CO2 than to temperature changes. Learn more on the hockey stick anomalies HERE

Fig 5. This graph shows the relationship between solar cycle length and the global temperature. I've added current length up to the later part of 2009 for solar cycle 23 which also show the estimated temperature drop during solar cycle 24. The estimate is that this will cause a drop of about 2 degrees centigrade lower than the current global temperature. The approximate length of solar cycle 23 can now be calculated to be about 12.7 years.

A stark correlation for the period 1861-1989 between the sunspot cycle length and the temperature anomaly of the Northern Hemisphere was presented by Friis-Christensen and Lassen in 1991. The temperature data comes from 1995 IPCC. This graph shows the drastic change our sun is currently undergoing. As you can see, because the start up of solar cycle 24 was delayed, the length of solar cycle 23 was 12.7 years. This would translate in a global temperature drop of 1.2 degree Celsius by 2020, if this correlation still holds true. Currently the delayed solar cycle 24 is trying to start up, indicating severe cooling for the coming decades.

High energy cosmic radiation earth surface registration!
Fig 6. Shows the flux of high energy cosmic rays reaching Earth. Red line - annual averages. The blue line is an 11 yr average

Fig 6. Taken from "Carbon Dioxide or Solar Forcing?",, Nir Shaviv

The cosmic ray flux measured by ion chambers.

The ion chambers at ground level are sensitive to high energy particles. These particles are from cosmic radiation and originate from supernova explosions with several 10's of GeV. These are the particles responsible for the formation of low altitude cover of clouds. The ionization of the upper atmosphere is mainly caused by lower energy particles originating from the Sun. Plot redrawn using data from Ahluwalia (1997).

Also, the decrease in high energy cosmic rays since the 1970's are less pronounced from low energy solar activity, which means that changes in Be10 or direct solar activity are less accurate in quantifying the solar -> cosmic ray -> climate link and its contribution to 20th century global warming. This lack of clear correlation from the solar wind and low energy cosmic radiation during the last decades have Also, the decrease in high energy cosmic rays since the 1970's are less pronounced from low energy solar activity, which means that changes in Be10 or direct solar activity are less accurate in quantifying the solar -> cosmic ray -> climate link and its contribution to 20th century global warming. This lack of clear correlation from the solar wind and low energy cosmic radiation during the last decades have been used by some climatologists to try debunk solar climate connections.
High energy cosmic radiation and low cloud cover!
Fig 7. Correlation between high energy cosmic radiation and low cloud cover.

Fig 7. Taken from "Cosmic Rays and Climate",, Nir Shaviv

The cosmic ray flux as measured by Neutron count monitors at low magnetic latitudes. The low altitude cloud cover is taken from ISCCP satellite data sets, by Marsh & Svensmark, 2003.

However after my own investigation by using an Artificial Neural Network I get revelation that no statistical correlation can be seen between galactic cosmic rays and the global temperature. Instead I find clear detectable correlations between solar wind and magnetic variations to the global temperature.

Another interesting method to monitor the earth's energy balance has been made by a group at CALTECH with a simple and effective method. They have monitored The Earth's Albedo (The Earth's sunlight reflectivity), by monitoring the light intensity from the dark side of the Moon. By doing this they can measure the light variations that the Earth is emitting out into space, and thus calculate variations of the amount of light energy the Earth is absorbing from the Sun.

They have come up with some rather surprising results.

First, the variation in the Albedo which changes as a function of variation of the cloud cover on the Earth seems to be much greater than expected.

Secondly, this variation is much greater than can be expected from the calculated impact that only greenhouse gases would bring.

Thirdly, The variations of the Albedo follow variations of the Earth temperature that have been registered by satellites. This strongly indicated that it is variations in the Earth's cloud cover which is the main cause for climate change and not variation in levels of greenhouse gases.

This study seem to strengthening the hypothesis that variation in solar activity is the main cause for climate changes and weaken the hypothesis that anthropogenic greenhouse gases play a major part in present climate change put forward by climatologists.

I would prefer to call the global warming promoting climatologists as "thermodynamic fundamentalists", those who believe that the main driver in climate change are variations in the levels of heat and cool trapping trace gases.

To better understand the controversy over global warming it is necessary to also understand why most climatologists believe it is the increased levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which are causing the current temperature inc in the atmosphere which are causing the current temperature increase.


Is this list of cold extreme weather proof of a climate change during time of global warming?

The Great Global Warming Swindle
Must see program from British Channel 4...!


After seeing this show I have to agree with the greenhouse gas warming promoters "the climatologists" that the global warming is much worse than I previously thought!!

This is because the reached level of corruption and distortion of the facts in the global warming field is even worse than I could ever have imagined..!!

The Great Global Warming Swindle was severely criticized and a group of scientists even took action to stop a release of this TV program on DVD.


A complementary video from the Great Global Warming Swindle!


PLEASE!! Make sure you listen to this interview with climatologist Prof Richard Lindzen of MIT and have fun!

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He is now a global warming DENIER!



See Also -> The Climate Of Fear

Scientists that opposes the supposed consensus on global warming are marginalized!

Unreported in today's media,... more and more scientists over time are becoming man-made global warming skeptics!!

Recently 31000 US scientists, among them 9000 PhD's signed a petition denouncing global warming and against the Kyoto protocol

Testimony from Dr Roy Spencer at a Senate hearing on the 22nd of July 2008 on Global Warming.



Global Warming Censorship

Learn here the secret that the global warming funded scientists desperately try to stop you from learning!

Click here for Censured Global Warming Facts!


Important decisions of what will happen with the climate in the coming decade are made right now..!!
Not by any climatologist, not by politicians, not even by the IPCC, not by you and me..., but by the SUN!!!

Yes, by the Sun!!

Currently the Sun is at solar maxima. Yet this solar maxima has the lowest activity of the last 200 years level currently displaying only a few sunspots.

There exist a close relationship between the length of a sunspot cycle and the earth's temperature as displayed in figure 5.

All solar physicists are now looking with intense interest for the sun's next move.

We have past the Solar Cycle 24 maximum.

The start of the new solar cycle, solar cycle 24 was severely delayed. It was supposed to start in January 2007, but it didn't start until the end of 2009.
From the relationship between the Sun Spot Cycle length and the temperature, one can calculate that by each day the start of the next Solar Cycle is delayed, that that extra day's delay corresponds to about 1.4 thousand of a degree centigrade cooling of the Earth's climate.
With the appearance of the first sunspot of solar cycle 24in early 2008, this would cool the Earth by about 0.5 degree centigrade during the coming Solar Cycle. This would have been the case if this solar cycle would have started at the same time as the first new sunspot of the new solar cycle appeared.

The problem is that this wasn't the case. The cooling of the Earth can now be estimated to be about 1.6 degree centigrade.

In either case we should expect the earth's mean temperatures to drop to levels not seen since the Little Ice Age within the next solar cycle.

What is happening right now signal a drastic shifts in the Earth's climate and we will likely see dramatic drops in temperature the coming decades, starting in the next coming years.

The well known 11 year Solar Cycle is not the only Solar Cycle. In fact there are several cyclical Solar Cycles working on longer time scales. It has been well known among solar physicists for a long time that the combining effect of these cycles will likely cause the climate to enter a cool phase in the early 21st century.

How deep will this change in climate be?
Nobody knows for certain, but it is now very likely that it will soon fall to levels that haven't been seen since the time of "The Little Ice Age".

Real time image of the current state of the Sun. This is maybe the scariest image on the Internet at the moment, if you consider the impact this view will have for the people on the Earth! Right now the Sun's activity is  low and you will only see few sunspots, yet the Sun is currently at or near solar maxima. This have now put the global temperature of the Earth in a state of free fall. This solar slowdown, the most important climate change news of our time, has so far been heavily censured by the mass media. Why? It's because if this was better known by the general public, it would create severe doubt in the propaganda messages delivered by the global warming industry and from the mass media.

Learn more of the Sun Today!

Learn more of the Sun Today!

The cause for this cooling, I believe after looking at the science, is that it is caused by variation in cosmic radiation. Because the Solar Cycle right now is longer than normal, the Sun is spending more time in a low solar activity state. This means that lower solar activity affects Earth's atmosphere which probably creates more clouds which reflects away more of the Sun's warming sunlight. Other effects from the Sun are also at play affecting the jet streams to move closer to the equator.  The result is that the Earth cools. And because this cooling phase occurs over a longer time than normal, the climate will change. There is going to be a time lag of this cooling affecting the oceans. Therefore this effect will come gradually over time during the next decade.

Although most climatologists are unaware that the climate might turn to a much cooler phase, the two theories for climate change, human caused global warming and climate change caused by variation on cloud cover and the jet stream is going to meet each other head to head in a few years time.

At that time, based on more reliable data, we will have a much better knowledge and understanding of the real causes for the recent as well as future climate changes.


Solar Movements!

New Jupiter sized planets are now repeatedly found around nearby stars. The method they use to discover planets is by observing small movements in the Doppler Shift of the light emitted from those stars.

Our star, the Sun is also affected by large planets and wobbles back and forth by gravitational forces. The notion that the Sun is centered at a stable position in the center of the Solar System is therefore not correct.

As the four large planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune orbit in their orbits around the Sun they drag the Sun around at the center of the Solar System with irregular movements. The Sun is made of hot plasma and rotates with the highest rotation at the equator but slower at the poles.

As we know from physics, rotating gyros which are moved around wobbles. The same thing is true with the Sun, which is filled with plasma, magnetic fields and rotates. As a result, if the Sun is accelerated around fast, great internal forces act on the interior of the Sun which contains strong internal magnetic fields. This causes sunspots to appear and Solar Flares to erupt. On the other hand, if the movements on the Sun are small, less Solar activity manifest itself and the Sun goes into a quieter mode.

Based on this theory, an amateur Solar researcher Dr. Theodor Landscheidt have studied the Sun's movements resulting from the gravitational pull from those planets and linked them to the observed larger solar cycles. He has also calculated periods with high and with low solar activities based in the Sun's movements.

The next period with low solar activity has now started and should reach its deepest point around 2030. It has already started to manifest itself already during this solar cycle, Solar Cycle 24. The solar activity of Solar Cycle 24 is about half of that of the previous cycle. He did calculate that this period will be of a Maunder type event. The current low activity is going to result in lower temperatures, but because of the time lag caused by the oceans we have not seen noticeable drops in temperatures until now.

The great irony or to be more exact the great tragedy is that while a hysterical world is preparing for a rapid temperature increase, the Earth is coincidentally heading at the same time for what is probably the most severe fall in temperature that the Earth have had experienced for several hundreds of years.



Urgent request for your action!!...

to inform an ignorant and misled world of the imminent rapid global cooling trend and its dangerous consequences

It is now unequivocal that we are now at the beginning of a 20 year rapid cooling climate change event which is going lower the global temperature down to the same levels which existed during the Little Ice Age between the 14th and 19th century.

I'll is now unequivocal that a drastic global cooling awaits us.
Unless the laws of physics has become suspended or the long awaited, but so far absent global warming miraculously appears and reduces the cooling trend.

It is likely that the cooling is going to be of a Maunder minimum type event, which existed during the coolest phase of the "Little Ice Age", and that the coolest temperature level is expected to be reached around 2035.

Now it's time for activism, to reduce the number of coming victims from starvation, to stop the madness and tell the world about the real climate change threat, so that the right preparation can be made... The real threat... Not imaginary global warming!!

Already millions upon millions of people in poor countries risk starvation when the world's food production soon will be reduced as a consequence of the colder climate. They received this sentence as a direct result of the many catastrophic misguided decisions that were made in Kyoto and the following UN climate meetings.

Please!! Send letters to your local newspaper, radio or TV station or contact your political representatives. Break the global warming controlled news media censorship on the Sun's now dramatically reduced solar activity and the coming impact this will have on the Earth's climate and on human living conditions.

Support Global Cooling Activism And Prepare For Abrupt Climate Change!



Human Caused Global Warming Hysteria!
Victim Of Unstoppable Global Cooling Caused By The Waning Sun!

Dearly missed by close friends!
Al Gore, James Hansen, Michael Mann,
Gavin Schmidt, Phil Jones,
The Carbon Traders,
The Climatology Computer Modeling Community,
The Corporate Mass Media,
WWF, Greenpeace, Sierra Club,
Investment Firms on Wall Street,
The Political Leaders Of The World
and The IPCC!


The global warming drenched mass media are promoting the idea that global warming is the greatest challenge mankind have ever faced and that now is time for drastic action to stop the rapid increase in temperatures.
The global warming hysterical media also also reporting repeatedly of the record low ice cover in the Arctic and the open passage of the North West Passage. They forget to tell you that the Arctic went through a similar warm period between 1920 and 1950 and the the climate in the Arctic is very variable.

However there are things you don't see in the global warming controlled news media, such as that the ice extent around Antarctica have been breaking new max record in the southern hemisphere and that it has been unusually cold

An inconvenient truth is that a clear climate shift has already started. We see this for example in two of the poster children from the Nobel prize winner Al Gore's movie.

The glaciers on Mount Kilimanjaro have started to increase.


Lake Chad

Lake Chad in 2001, allegedly drying up as a result of human caused global warming.

Lake Chad in 2007, clip taken from Google map in October 2007 after the monsoon.
Oops!! The water in the lake is back!!


Right Now The World Is Heading For A Combined Natural And Manmade Starving Disaster!

The Sun's activity is now very low. The recent Solar Cycle 23 was the longest solar cycle for over 200 years and this is going to  result in low activity of the Solar Cycles 24 and 25.
The low solar activity during the transition between Solar Cycle 23 and 24 took 3 years instead of the usual 1 year.

The result of this is that instead of the normal one year cooling of the Earth during this transition, this time the cooling will continue during 3 full years. This is going to cause a rapid drop of Earth's average temperature over the next coming years and initiate a new "Little Ice Age".

Similar rapid temperature drops have been well documented from historical records and from measurements from reliable temperature reconstructions. They are all linked by the same type of abrupt change in the solar motion. These changes in the solar motions occur at predictable and regular intervals driven by the changing gravitational forces from the solar system's big gas planets.

The current lower solar activity and the associated drop in temperatures are now right on schedule based on the current changes in the solar motion and its strong correlation with Earth's climate which have been well known by a few individuals who have studied this correlation.

Unfortunately this very important climatic effect has not been in the scientific mainstream and has been suppressed or ignored by the climatology community.

The global warming brainwashed news media have so far censured the fact that the Sun is now unusual inactive, that the periods of inactivity happens at regular interval and that these periods of solar inactivity all cause severe cooling on the Earth.

Right now the temperature has started to drop as a result of the weaker Sun. The signs can now be seen all over the Earth.

Except for a few people active in forums dedicated to solar physics there seem to be very few who have been able to connect the dots between the current low solar activity, the drop in temperatures and that we are fast approaching the same conditions that existed during solar minima during the "Little Ice Age".

In 2008 the price for wheat and corn reached record high levels and the supply was very low. Similar events in the near future are likely.

There were several reasons for this!

  • More wealth in China and India have increased demand in those countries as more people have changed their food habit to include more meat.
  • Freak weather had lowered food production in many parts of the worlds. Many of these events had been caused by the initial phase from the current global cooling. These of course were claimed by the global warming fundamentalists to be caused by global warming. However how freak snow and frost events in warm places were caused by global warming...Beats me!
  • The transition from food production to bio-fuel production have greatly reduced available area for food farming in North America, one of the most food productive area in the world and essential for the world's food supplies.

On the emerging food crisis. An interview with Peter Taylor an environmental scientist and former environmental advisor to the UN.

Here are additional interviews with environmentalist scientist Peter Taylor

We don't know exactly how fast and how severe this cooling will be. There is now a real risk that the next solar cycle 25 will be as inactive as those during the Maunder Minimum, given the current already very low solar activity.

Hopefully it is only going to be a repeat of a Dalton type minimum, which is bad enough.

The coming solar minimum is called The Landscheidt minimum and many also want to call it The Gore Minimum, after the former US vice president, the best known promoter and businessman in the global warming disaster industry.

In either case, even if the World Community is preparing for global cooling and try to compensate food production in order to meet the reduction in arable land and the associated reduction in crop yield this will likely turn out to be a difficult task.

Right now, not only is the World totally unaware of the coming global cooling. In an effort to fight imaginary global warming, policies have been implemented which in reality greatly reduces food production.

These policies are opposite to what they should be in order to reduce the risk of devastating famines among people living in the third world.

Will the World be able to adapt food production to the reality of rapid global cooling when the real cold sets in, despite the current policies to fight global warming?
Will the policies implemented by Al Gore et. al., the eco pseudo scientists, the misguided politicians and all the others that have tried to cash in on the swindle make them the famine creators?

In any case, it is urgent that the reality of global cooling will be recognized fast so that the world leaders can implement the right decisions as early as possible instead of continuing with the catastrophic polices they are doing now.

The reduction in food production will affect temperate regions including US and Canada in North America. It will also affect temperate regions in Europe, Russia, Ukraine and China. All important food production regions.

We know from historical records that during solar minima, in these regions, the growth seasons were reduced, less sunshine was received and more rainfall fell during summers.

It is known from historical records that during these solar cold snaps, the monsoons over the Indian subcontinent become reduced and in some cases, is failing. This effect is simultaneously affecting all monsoon activity regions in the tropics. Lower temperatures results in less water vapor in the atmosphere.

This reduction in rainfall does not start immediately. Instead it is manifested first when the air and water temperature over the Pacific and over the Indian Ocean have dropped as the World cools. This is not a large drop in temperature, but the drop in temperature still tends to lower the amount of water vapor in the tropics which then cause drop in rainfalls.

The reduction in the monsoons is more common when the temperature is at the lowest point during solar minima. It is also in effect when the temperature rebounds and the earth starts the warm up again at the end of the solar minima when the Sun once again becomes more active.

So what likely will happen is that first the food production in the food baskets of North America and Eurasia will be reduced. Then this is followed by a reduction of the harvests in the tropics, in countries like India, China and Brazil 5 to 10 years later, while at the same time the food production in the temperate regions of the World will continue to stay low.

You like Wind Farms?

There are reason to be concerned about possible future human caused catastrophic global warming, if at least one of these two conditions are TRUE!

  1. If the mean global temperature shows sign of increasing at a rate which is above normal natural temperature variations.
  2. If there is credible research which shows by verifiable and actual measurements that the added and expected future increase of CO2 from human activity can cause dangerous global warming.

What do the data tell us?

  1. Over the 16 years there has been no increase in global temperature.
  2. The greenhouse effect from CO2 and Methane, the two most important greenhouse gases that are affected by human activity, are dwarfed compared to the dominant greenhouse gas which is water vapor. Most scientists on both side of the issue estimate that a doubling of CO2, something which could be expected at the end of the century, can only increase the global temperature by about one degree Celsius. This is the calculated warming if no feedback effect exist of any sort. To get dangerous global warming there must exist a strong positive feedback from CO2 on water vapor. This feedback is also known as the climate sensitivity. This is the real Holy Grail or the Achilles’ heel of the global warming theory. In other words, if CO2 increase, which in itself only causes is small warming, it must also be followed by an strong increase in air humidity "water vapor" which adds extra warming from the greenhouse effect, to cause dangerous warming. A strong positive feedback is rare in nature and if it would exist for the atmosphere it would cause the climate to be very unstable which is not seen. Another problem for the theory is that the greenhouse effect from CO2 is almost fully saturated. Any added extra greenhouse warming from CO2 increase when the level already is high becomes smaller and smaller. So far, no research have ever shown convincingly with actual measurements that there exist a strong positive feedback between CO2 and water vapor. In fact now instead there exist credible research which show that this relationship is negative and probably strongly negative making any influence on the climate from CO2 increase, benign.
Conclusion! Neither condition has been shown to be true!

One of the complaint put forward by the proponents of the human caused global warming catastrophe theory is that the so called "climate change skeptics", those who believe that climate change is indeed occurring and is the result of largely natural causes are irrational or have sinister motives by spreading doubt on "the scientific fact from the IPCC" that humans caused global warning is creating dangerous warming and that they therefore are obstructing necessary action to stop this warming by limiting cheap energy use.

This is something which should be very easy for the global warming scientists to solve. I'm sure that if they can produce credible research which show together with actual measurements that there exist a strong positive feedback between CO2 and water vapor, most climate change skeptical scientists would change side. Yes, there are scientists skeptical of dangerous human caused global warming. Lots of them.

Given the severity of this threat and in view of the huge amounts which have been used for climate research it seems to me deeply irresponsible by the scientists that they have not presented any such result.

Of course the obvious reason that they have not been able do that, is because the strong positive feedback isn't there and the threat of catastrophic global warming therefore doesn't exist.

The only proofs, claimed by climatologists, are from computer models which all assume a strong positive feedback These strong positive feedbacks are not supported by observational measurements.

Ask your politician or better yet the climate scientists. Please give us proof that the climate sensitivity is strongly positive. Don't take no for an answer, demand real proof. After all, what they demand are giant changes in the way we live, how we get our energy and they demand changes which are not cheap and there are no easy available alternatives. Inevitable this will led to less prosperity, more poverty and ultimately famine for people that now live in poverty.

Global warming is big business

Global warming or climate change as it is now known, has become big business for high finance, employing thousands of people in business ventures, political and economical think tank groups and in lobbying institutes.

One such lobbying and pressure group composed of wall street financial firms working for the new low carbon economy is One such lobbying and pressure group composed of wall street financial firms working for the new low carbon economy is The Climate Group

Low Carbon Economy is the new marketing and branding label for fossil fuel rationing, taxation and trading schemes, as this label invokes subliminal guilt in the general public. The term developed by image and marketing consultants becomes associated with a healthy low carbon diet and envision pictures of fewer dirty coal mines. This is a much better term than previous used terms, such as global warming, climate change or carbon dioxide pollution, for making more people convinced that carbon dioxide, one of two of Earth's life giving gases, is a hazardous pollutant.

This report on Climate Money from researcher Joanne Nova looks at this aspect of the well funded global warming industrial complex. Global warming fears have now caused the US to spend over 79 billion dollars of public taxpayers money on climate change research and policies since 1989.

It was in Copenhagen the real new actions to stop global warming was intended to be set in movement. There, UN dignitaries, climate bureaucrats, climate activist, the world's media and the leaders of the world did converge in the Danish capital of Copenhagen in 2009 where they tried to replace the Kyoto protocol, but failed. This meeting was appropriately located to Copenhagen as this was also the same city in which the author H. C. Andersen wrote the novel "The Emperor's New Clothes".

The time is now short for firm international action to combat global warming as more and more climatologists now start to realize that things are even worse, for them that they previously thought. Their worst nightmares are now coming true. The world is now cooling and it will continue to cool. They can't hide this anymore and now with ClimateGate they have been caught.

But, then he claims, just wait, until then. When this period is over, then the global warming catastrophe will soon hit us.

ClimateGate protest! It won't go away! Media blackout!


For us, who have looked into climate science and the collegial culture of today’s climate scientists, the reached conclusion has been for a long time that their science is based on a subjective and agenda driven science as opposed to a an objective and truth seeking science quest.

On 20th of November 2009 a bomb reached the blogosphere. One of the main scientific institution which have been promoting global warming hysteria, The Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia CRU had been hacked and huge volumes of stored emails and data files were released on to the Internet.

We know this information is genuine. The huge volume of data exposes the overall mindsets of the most influential scientists which control this field. The same people have also achieved full control of the IPCC scientific process.


Here is what retired climatologist Tim Ball has to say about the emerging ClimateGate, the greatest scientific scandal of all time.

This is a US Senate minority report exposing the scientific unethical behavior by a small group of leading climate scientists which have been able to control the scientific part of the IPCC process. This paper also cover the more questionable and reveling emails in this correspondence.

This have so far been revealed from the emails and data files of what this closed group of psychopathic climate scientists have been up to!

-This group have taken full control of the peer review process by intimidating editors of scientific journals which publish articles questioning to the AGW theory, by making sure all the peer reviewers belong to them and by personal attacking critical scientists instead of debating the science with them.

- Attempts have been made to block sharing of scientific data and temperature data and to obstruct freedom of information requests.

- They have fiddle with data and graphs in an effort to reduce historical variability and to hide recent global temperature decline.

- By trying to prove and convince politicians and the media of one particular scientific theory "The catastrophic AGW theory", they have resorted to a culture of subjective agenda driven science and political activism. And of course, this is not science.

We have been told repeatedly by the media that the IPCC is a scientific organization which is composed of 2500 of the best climate scientists in the world and that they have reached a consensus view that human caused global warming is real and that it will be catastrophic if we don't dramatically reduce our use of fossil fuels.  This claim that there is a consensus reached by 2500 climate scientists at the IPCC is one of the biggest lies of the global warming propaganda and is the main reason so many people have been taken in by this monstrosity of scam. The second biggest lie is that there exist strong evidence for the potential for dangerous human caused global warming. The imagined picture most people have of IPCC is that there are 2500 climate scientists that get together at huge meetings at exotic locations, have deliberations and that they then vote on this issue. This is totally wrong.

The reality of the IPCC is quite different. IPCC is a politically controlled organization under the UN. Of the 2500 involved scientists, not all are scientists, many are governmental bureaucrats and environmental activists. Only about 20% of those involved have any scientific knowledge of climate science or physics. The reason for this is that most of the assessments are made for other aspects based on the scientific already accepted conclusion that human caused global warming would create dangerous warming. The people that are involved in these assessments are biologist, glaciologists, economists, health officials, social engineers and so on.

The science of climate science in the IPCC is divided into several parts. A few lengthy scientific parts and one shorter part called "Summary for policymakers" which is a kind of executive summary aimed for politicians and business people. The lengthy scientific parts say nothing about dangerous human caused global warming. It only talks about possible scenarios. The smaller, but juicier stuff which this group of psychopathic scientists have had full control of is the "Summary for policymakers". This is the part with all the dire predictions. This is the part that the politician and the activists use to prove that there exist scientific consensus for dangerous global warming among the scientists.

The reason why they are in full control of this process is because those who have been chosen by the IPCC to act as authors and more importantly, act as the lead-authors of these important chapters are the most distinguished scientists in their fields. By being distinguished in the view, according to the IPCC, means that those are the scientists that appear most frequently in the peer-review (pal-reviewed) literature. And we now know, who those are! The whole process is an absolute disgrace and a travesty of science. You can learn more here of this misconduct by the IPCC!


Part 1 Lawrence Solomon the author of the book "The Deniers" talks here about the IPCC and the peer review process

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Some may think that it is not a big deal that a small group of climate scientists have behaved badly. Surely, there are thousand of other climate scientists that are convinced of dangerous human impact on the climate. They can't all be wrong?

What is important to realize here is that this group of scientists are at the top of the climate scientists' food chain. These are the people, who apart from controlling the IPCC, also control the official temperature data which are used by the IPCC and by other scientists. Most scientists in climatology are specialists of small areas, they are honest, but because this theory has been accepted as the prevailing theory for climate change, they don't question it.



Here is an interview with Patrick Michaels

To better understand what is going on, it is good to learn the history of the catastrophic human caused global warming theory, also called the CAGW theory which now have led up to ClimateGate, the greatest scientific scandal ever.

Sometime in the early 1980ies some scientist became concerned that increasing levels of CO2 could lead to dangerous global warming. They did marketing and lobbying of this hypothesis to politicians and to influential think tank groups close to the UN. This led to more funding for climate research. The IPCC is an UN organization that was formed in 1988 and its mandate is exclusively to look for humans influence on the climate.

At this time several things happened. A large number of researchers often with an interest in the environmentalism entered this field and started to do research on humans influence on climate. Meanwhile temperature started to increase by about 0.2 centigrade by decade. Measurement of the incoming heat radiating from the Sun hitting the Earth measured from space showed very little variation over time. These researchers therefore assumed in their computer simulations that most of the warming was caused by man. Computer models simulating the Earth's atmosphere were therefore built using in-built strong positive feedback from CO2 on water vapor in order to simulate the observed  temperature increase. Ice core taken from Antarctica also showed that changes in temperature and CO2 followed each other, which strengthened their arguments.

It was during this time that things started to go terrible wrong! These scientists saw this theory as a ticket for scientific careers, as a way to increase their fundings, to get fame and above all, as a mean to do important work by saving the world. After all, what can be more fulfilling than to help saving the world by informing the world of the dangers of dangerous human cased global warming.

In this quest, they lost their sense for scientific objectivity. Because of this and because they were convinced of the validity of this theory they saw the need to emphasize this threat and to make the validity of this theory more believable. Next step was to stop other scientists with different viewpoints from the scientific discussion by blocking them out from peer review journals and to lock them out from scientific discussions. Then, they massaged temperature data, to further their cause. They also adopted assumptions of fudge relationships and turned them into scientific proven facts.

For example, the cooling period between 1950 to 1975 was claimed to be caused by sulfur dioxide increase from industrialization despite complete lack of evidence. The warming toward the end of the 20th century was claimed to be caused by human activity while the equal size of the warming at the beginning of the century was claimed to be caused by increase in the amount of solar heat radiation. If that was the case, then the solar heat increase at the beginning of the century would have been 30 to 50 times as strong as that of the end of the century. Then because so many new researchers entered the field, the competition among them led to an arms race between them. The researchers with the most alarming results were the ones which got most attention and promotion.  In a historical perspective the result from all these revelations is that the catastrophic global warming con will become known as the "The mother of all scientific frauds".

Eventually, a whole industries were built up around the idea that the world was warming dangerously caused by human activity. During the last 20 years, bio-fuel, the food to fuel scam has been implemented and have now ratchet up food prices. This is directly leading to starvation and malnutrition for millions of peoples in third world countries. The financial industry got into the act and they are now among the most active promoter and lobbyists for global warming legislation in both Washington and Brussels. Of course they love the crazy idea of a CO2 trading system, controlled and put in place just for them.

There are Several problems with the theory.  Among them are:

- The ice core records that goes back 400000 years showed with better resolution that it is temperature which drives changes in atmospheric CO2 level, rather than the other way around.

-Despite several attempts to confirm heating in the tropical troposphere. No warming trend has been found, which is something that should be there according the global warming theory.

-The physical characteristics of the greenhouse effect from added amounts of CO2 is logarithmic and now almost fully saturated. The result is that the added increase in the greenhouse effect from CO2 becomes less and less effective. This means that while the levels of CO2 has increased by about 30% from pre-industrial levels, already it has caused about 70% of the warming forcing from the expected increase in the greenhouse effect if the CO2 content from pre-industrial levels were to double.

-No strong positive feedback from CO2 on water vapor has been measured. This is a prerequisite for dangerous global warming.

-In order for dangerous global warming, heating must be accumulating in the world's oceans. Despite using an extensive network of special Argo sea bouys which measures sea temperature at different depths. No accumulation of heating has been found, instead they have registered cooling.

-There has been no warming for the last 16 years in the global temperature.



Here is an analysis made by Peter, a six grader assisted by his dad, over the GISS global temperature record. GISS is the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies which uses records from temperature records and where global warming activists James Hansen is the director.



Another ClimateGate bombshell is now revealed! Russian weather stations were cherry picked by the Hadley Center to create an artificial warming trend for the 20th century.

More on ClimateGate and the Russian weather stations!


This is important:
It is repeatedly claimed that higher temperatures will lead to more storms, more intensive rainfalls and more droughts. In reality, it is the other way around. It is cooling which would lead to more storms, more intense rainfalls and more droughts. The claims in the media and from the UN cabal that we now have seen more floods, more droughts and storms, what is now called extreme weather, is wrong. Of course people are inclined to believe this because the modern mass media now covers weather events from all of the whole world.

This claim of more extreme weather was wrong up to about a few years ago.  Now however there is probably an increase in the frequency of extreme weather. This is because of the lower solar activity. The result should based on historical record is that there would be more heavy rainfalls and more droughts. Clouds condenses easier and humid air doesn't travel as far as before.

Is that the case today? In my view, looking at the world weather, I think this is the case. So while these changes in climate are claimed by the media and the UN to be caused by human activity and cause (climate change / global warming / extreme weather), the real cause of this is from the current very real changes in solar activity.

Because of the scientific and media censorship of this connection between solar activity and terrestrial climate, this important and real science influence on the Earth's climate has been misinterpreted and silenced. This is just when the changes from this effect is starting to impact Earth's climate and human lives.

Consider this!

Since the end of the Little Ice Age the global temperature trend have alternated between periods of warming and cooling. The duration of each interval is about 60 years, coinciding with variation in solar activity and lunar cycles . During the warming periods the warming have been between 0.3-04 degree centigrade and during the cooling periods the cooling have been about 0.15-0.2 degree centigrade. The warming during the last warming period between 1975 - 2000 was about 0.3 degree centigrade, but scientists within the IPCC blame humans for this the latest warming. During the last decade there has been no warming trend. Recently even global warming scientists have admitted that a period of one decade or two of cooling is likely. According the CAGW theory, heat should be accumulate in the oceans, but the reality is that ocean heat content is not increasing. Does this constitute overwhelming proof for human caused dangerous warming? Where is the warming?

Conclusion! CO2 and Methane are greenhouse and these gases has increased in the atmosphere as a result of human activity. These gases should lead to some extra warming of the global temperature. The temperature increased during the 20th century. Yet, the hypothesis that human activity would or even can cause dangerous warming is the biggest scientific swindle ever.

Further analysis in The Telegraph

Climatology which now has become part of apocalyptic environmentalismts a new dogma, has some very peculiar characteristics. In this discipline, scientific facts are not established by measurements and observations. Instead they are based on favorable assumptions supporting one specific theory. If there emerge data or observations which run contrary to these assumptions, then in this scientific community ignore these findings. .

Another characteristics of the current state of climatology is the extreme tunnel vision these scientists have. They have a fundamentalistic believe that changes in the climate system are almost exclusively caused by changes in the composition of the gases in Earth's atmosphere. The theory they try to proof is called Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming CAGW or in plain language catastrophic human caused global warming. In reality, what they have tried to prove in their tunnel vision is that the climate is almost exclusively controlled by changes in the amount of trace gases in the atmosphere. They also add soot, effects from volcanic eruptions and from changes in the TSI (Total Solar Irradiance) which is the small variations of the heat radiation that is hitting Earth from the Sun. Instead of calling their hypothesis AGW, I suggest that it should be called Exclusive Atmospheric Composition Driven Climate Change EACDCC.

Of course they want to fit or massage their computer simulations to follow the temperature variations that are occurring. This has been more and more difficult, if not right out impossible. Therefore they have resorted to massaging the temperature data. Just to give an illustration, it has been reveled in the e-mail correspondents that they have suggested that the none warming and cooling since 2000 could be attributed the increase in pollution coming from China and India. Of course nothing can convince them that their theory of CAGW could be wrong. You see this in almost all science reporting coming from this community. Changes are always coming from changing in the atmospheric composition, never from changes in ocean currents and absolutely not from changes in solar activity. The hockey-stick group peer-review monitoring team has made sure that papers with that sort of conclusions never get into any climatic scientific publication.


Godfrey Bloom, European parliament

Global warming has become a joke!
Even the US President recognizes it as a hoax!


Are you afraid in the global warming Armageddon. Don't be!


Why is the mass media deliberately lying to us?

You are told repeatedly in the news that the world is rapidly warming, the ice in Antarctica and in the Arctic is rapidly melting and that the sea level is increasing at an accelerating rate.

A Reality check! Few people seem to be doing this, but any person with an Internet connection can check out for themselves from real unbiased satellite data, the global temperature, the ice cover changes on both hemisphere and changes in the average sea level. Its just a few clicks away on the Internet.

What does the REAL data show?

Global temperature lower trophosphere

This is temperature reading of the lower troposphere from satellite

This graph shows no warming since 2002 if one filter out the El Niño and La Niña variations and it shows a cooling trend since 2007.

This is the ice cover anomaly in the Arctic ocean.

This is the ice cover anomaly around Antarctica.

These are both graphs from Cryosphere today on which page you can find more information! As you can see, ice cover in the Arctic reached a minimum in the summer of 2007, but have since then started to rebound and increase. The ice cover around Antarctica now cover a larger area than before 2000.

This graph show the sea level rise.

This graph is from Wikipedia . The graph shows a steady sea level rise of about 2-3 millimeters a year, which has not shown any important change for over 100 years. No accelerated increase can be seen and in fact the last information indicate a slowing down of the increase during the last two years. This is probably caused by a reduction in the amount of absorbed heat from the Sun in the tropics. The steady increase in this graph is caused by ocean warming as a result of warming during the current interglacial period plus an ongoing warming up from the latest Little Ice Age. This ocean warming causes thermal expansion resulting in a steady slow sea level rise. Contrary to popular believe, this sea level rise has little to do with any change in glacier melt, as the water volume melt from the glaciers during the last 100 years is far to small to have any measurable impact.


So why doesn't the mass media report on this?

Here is a recording from the O'Reilly Factor, Fox News, a TV channel on the right side on the political spectrum in the US. On this video claim from some politicians, from other media and from Greenpeace that the wildfires in California in 2009 was caused by global warming is met by meteorologist Joe Bastardi of Accuweather.

Here Joe Bastardi debunk claims that the wildfires in California in 2009 was caused by global warming

The fact that the so called free and supposedly objective mass media in the western world refuses to tell us the facts that the globe has not warmed for the last 16 years, the ice caps are not melting and that the sea level rise is not accelerating is nothing more than mind-boggling. To learn the facts on climate change shouldn't be a political issue, but in today's world it apparently is.

We need your help...!!

Are you sick and tired of all the tabloid science news reporting in the major news media of "the human made global warming"?

Do you want people to learn the truth about global warming?

Are you against global warming alarmists' censorship over the close relationship between the Sun's activity and our climate so they are able to protect their huge funding?

Learn about global cooling!

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